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When Should I Have an Eye Exam?

When Should I Have an Eye Exam?

If you wear eyeglasses in North Las Vegas, NV, or anywhere else for that matter, you likely have to clean them from time to time. The question is, are you doing it the right way? You can use this quick guide to properly clean your eyewear.

  1. Prepare your hands. Before you can wash your frames and lenses, you have to make sure the tools you will use are clean. This means thoroughly washing and drying your hands.
  2. To remove dust, rinse your lenses under a gentle stream of lukewarm water. This early rinsing will ensure dust and debris don’t cause scratches on the lenses.
  3. Once the dust is removed, you should apply a small drop of lotion-free dish soap, such as Dawn original formula. A drop of this highly concentrated soap is all that is needed. Once the soap has been applied, you have to rub it in to your frames and lenses. Take the time to make sure you thoroughly clean everything from the nose pads to the ends of the frame.
  4. Rinse again. After you have rubbed the soap everywhere, it is time to rinse it all off. It is important you remove all traces of soap, so the lenses won’t have streaks on them once they’re dried.
  5. Shake and dry. Give your glasses a gentle shake to remove the majority of the water. Use this time to give your frames an inspection to ensure they are, in fact, clean. Use a lint-free, clean towel to completely dry the eyewear. If the towel is not clean, it can scratch your lenses.
  6. Finally, it is time for one last inspection. If you still notice signs of smudges, consider using a microfiber cloth to remove these stubborn blemishes.

You can get more tips related to cleaning your glasses from your North Las Vegas eye doctor.

Regular eye exams help in the prompt identification of vision problems, making them essential components of a good preventive eye care plan. This also paves the way for their early management and prevention of their progression. This way, we’ll be able to maintain your eye health, comfort, and safety for a long time. Let Progressive Eyecare discuss how often you should have one.

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