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Progressive Eyecare: Your Partner in Achieving Better Eyesight

Healthy eyesight is an important part of your overall well-being. However, due to lifestyle and some health issues, both adults and children experience degrading vision over time. This is why regular eye checkups are more important than ever. When it comes to keeping your vision in top shape, Progressive Eyecare is a name that you can trust.

Our trusted optometrist in North Las Vegas, NV, Boca Park or South Las Vegas can assess your eye’s current health to see if you have any existing issue. We can then recommend proper treatment, providing you with the best care possible. We set ourselves apart by treating our customers with care, which means being there through every part of the process. We’ll aid you in completing your appointment and educating you about eye issues and their treatment. Here are some of the services that we offer:

  • Comprehensive eye exam – We’ll conduct different tests to determine what type of vision problem you are experiencing. We can then recommend treatment based on our diagnosis.
  • Contact lenses – We have different types of contact lenses that will suit your active lifestyle: soft, disposable, or rigid, gas permeable lenses.
  • Eyeglasses – Lenscrafters is one of the top retailers for prescription eye wear. We trust that our affiliation with  Lenscrafters and Target Optical will help us provide you the absolute best eye wear prescriptions. 
  • Family eye care – We specialize in taking care of vision of children, teens, and seniors.
  • CLARIFYE – With CLARIFYE, our eye doctor in North Las Vegas, NV, can show you detailed videos, images, as well as vision simulations that will help you understand your eye health.

Take That Step Towards a Better Vision Today

If you’re looking for a trusted eye doctor in Summerlin, Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, Progressive Eyecare is a name that you can trust. We will provide you with a thorough consultation and recommend the right kind of treatment.

Patients can reach us through the following numbers: (702) 744-8005 for North Las Vegas, (702) 723-4888 for Boca Park, and (702) 357-8202 for South Las Vegas. To book an appointment, you can also fill out our convenient contact form to request an appointment.


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