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Important Tips for a Lifetime of Clear, Healthy Vision

Having clear, sharp eyesight plays an important role in your overall health and quality of life. After all, most of the basic activities we carry out each and every day require vision. That’s why you and your loved ones must take steps to safeguard your visual health throughout your life. In today’s post, the local eye care specialists of Progressive Eyecare share important tips to help you achieve a lifetime of clear, healthy vision.

Keeping Your Eyes Safe in the Workplace

More than 2,000 Americans sustain eye injuries while at the workplace every year, with nearly a million experiencing vision loss to a certain degree because of work-related eye injuries. With all these factors considered, it is important that eye safety measures are observed in the workplace. As we observe Workplace Eye Wellness Month this March, Progressive Eyecare, your provider of quality eyeglasses and other eye care services, discusses common workplace eye injuries and basic first aid measures, and shares some tips on preventing eye trauma while at work. Continue reading “Keeping Your Eyes Safe in the Workplace”

Simple Tips to Reduce the Risk of Computer Eye Strain

Simple Tips to Reduce the Risk of Computer Eye Strain

In today’s digital world, it’s hard to go one hour, let alone one day, without using an electronic device like a smart phone, tablet or computer. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to screens can be harmful to eyesight. In today’s post, your expert eye doctor from Progressive Eyecare shares some tips to reduce computer eye strain.